How To Write A Research Paper For Middle School About Obama’s Health Care Reforms

As the term of President Obama is drawing to its conclusive end in just a few months, many are talking about what his legacies are and one conspicuous thing that has remained the talk of the day is Obama’s healthcare program, otherwise known as Obamacare. There is no doubt that Obama’s health care reforms have created sharp divisions between America’s elite/upper class and middle class. This is especially with regard to health insurance policies with which it comes. While the Upper class Americans view it a punishment meted on them by way of higher costs on matters health, Middle income earning Americans have been seen to have accolades for these healthcare reforms. In fact, this is arguably the biggest achievement in Obama’s administration according to analysts and would certainly go down in history as one of area no president ever set the bar high on. The question is what does middle school students have to say regarding Obamacare? Well, one can be tasked to come up with a research paper for middle school regarding this issue but what will actually make a difference at the end of the day is whether you have a good understanding of it or not.

Doing a great paper on Obama’s healthcare reforms therefore means that a student need to perhaps take a look at research paper examples for middle school students that touch on this very issue. Further, for one to come up with topic, brainstorming on issues of concern or even knowledge gaps is always a good way to go about it. Then comes the question of how best a student can ensure to craft a good paper on the issue of Obamacare. Different books and scholarly publications advise on different approaches, however, in this post, we pick on the best and most basic instructions to get you started, so take a look below for tips.

  • Defining the critical issues
  • Well, Obama’s health reforms have not been taken well in some quarters and so, this is certainly one area on which a good term paper for middle school can be based. Look into the issues being contested by both the Republicans and upper class and determine how they affect their living standards on matters regarding health.

  • Formulating your topic
  • I always show lack of creativity when it trying to come up with a term paper for middle school learning, topic is seen as redundant. Students need to look into ways through which they can craft a phenomenal topic for a paper on Obama’s healthcare instead of going for the obvious. This means that one can always look at legislation on the same and develop a critical approach to writing.

  • Work with an ideal outline
  • Then there is the issue of writing an outline that will provide the best guidance in the writing process itself. On this premise, it is important to clearly state your topic statements and thesis on which you will develop a more critical paper as opposed to something plan.

  • Be factual
  • Writing on an issue like Obamacare should be premised on facts. This means that a student need to go out there and get hands on policy papers and peer reviewed journals to stay on track. This is one of the best research paper guidelines for middle school.