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Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge: Poetry Slam Team

Boston has sent a poetry slam team to the National Poetry Slam every year since 1992. Cantab team members are selected from poets who have won an open slam since the last Nationals (the first week of August). Anyone may enter an open slam. Winners of open slams are invited to slam over three nights in April.

The 2011 Cantab Slam Team was selected at the April 27th Finals and will represent their home city at the National Poetry Slam right here in Cambridge and Boston this August. The team consists of the following poets:

  • McKendy
  • Rachel McKibbens
  • April Ranger
  • Carrie Rudzinski
  • Maya Phillips

To learn more about the poets on the team, click here. To book these poets for a feature or poetry event, you may email cantab@slamnews.com.

To learn more about past teams:

To learn how to try out for the Cantab Slam team, click here.

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